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What does the Thin Line® symbolize and why is it so popular? We believe the ‘thin line’ represents the treacherous walk between personal and community safety made by peace keepers, military servicemen and women, firefighters, emergency medical services, and dispatchers. We recognize it when they fearlessly join hands as our protectors, and though it often seems unnoticed, we feel it when one makes the ultimate sacrifice. We know that back at home, the families of our protectors must also walk this line. As their loved ones bravely step out into the unknown, a million silent wishes for safe return are quietly spoken. Upon safe return, a million deep sighs of relief can be heard. The Thin Line® Charm Collection is a tangible symbol of love, support, honor, or remembrance, for all men and women in uniform and their families. We hope you will enjoy our heirloom quality products.

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The Thin Line® Charm Collection is only available on-line from Thin Line® Jewelry. Our products are not licensed to other retailers, and are not sold in stores, through mail order houses, at fundraisers, or in lodges. We do this to ensure the authenticity and high quality standards that we build into every charm that we sell. For authentic Thin Line® Jewelry, find us on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, or at www.thinlinejewelry.com

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