Every business has a story. Here’s ours.


Thin Line Jewelry Police Firefighter Army Navy Air Force Marines Charms

Back in 2007, our founder was building kaleidoscopes in her studio. She worked happily there creating flame-worked glass sculptures for the dreamy liquid filled chambers that would go into her scopes. Then, out of nowhere she contracted the swine flu. It was bad. Sky was incapacitated for an extended period of time, and there were lasting effects. By the fall of the next year, the financial markets, for lack of a better word, crashed. With it, went Sky’s studio and livelihood. If that wasn’t challenging enough, the Epstein Barr virus disabled her then 15-year-old daughter. By 2010, Sky was left with a disabled child, no studio, and no income.

However, during the years before these challenges occurred, the Thin Line® Charm Collection was created. The inspiration for the line was personal. Her father had been military police, and she was, as they lovingly say in those circles, an Air Force brat. After all, her family history included a long line of protectors, so she could be as bratty as she wanted! And she was. But that's a different story. As an artist and an entrepreneur, her collection of charms were designed to represent the sacrifice that families make when loved ones walk the line as our defenders –and to bring some small comfort for those who are waiting at home for a loved one to return. Anyone who lives this life knows exactly what we are talking about. Nevertheless, because of the complexity of the circumstances in her life, her line of jewelry was literally shelved for nearly two years.

How then, did the Thin Line® Charm Collection become a reality? It nearly didn’t. The launching of the business was a cross between gentle nudging, fateful opportunity, and sheer determination. Let us explain. After coming up for air in late 2011, Sky received an inspirational email from a dispatcher located near Tampa. The email wanted to know, “when will you be selling the Thin Blue Line Charm again?” This question came like a lightening bolt out of the blue (no pun intended!) -and we’d like to send a shout out to Tammy for it. She was our devoted blue line supporter before we were even able to stand on our own two feet. From 2012 through 2015, a team was formed and the Thin Line® grew -and so did the demand for the Thin Line® Charm Collection. In the meantime, the collection was copyrighted and a trademark was secured. Sky did all this from her daughter’s bedside, literally. The seas calmed, the boat-steadied -and we worked hard to keep it that way. Or so we thought.

In early 2015, it was discovered that a retired police officer in the Cleveland Ohio area was unlawfully manufacturing, marketing, and distributing part of the Thin Line® Charm Collection. We have to say that the irony was not lost on us. Soon after, another individual connected with the police-firefighter community located in Doylestown Pennsylvania area followed suite. Over the past 3 years, those and many others have relentlessly worked to usurp the Thin Line® Jewelry product line. Our photos, content, products and intellectual property have all been unlawfully copied, manufactured and sold. To say the least, addressing this activity is both disheartening and exhausting; we simply never expected it to be coming from those we serve.

But this is our story. A true story. From the heart.

It’s a story about a girl and her dreams. A story about the unpredictability of life, of happiness, love, grief, and disappointment. A story about good and evil. It’s a story about the Thin Line®.

We want you to know that proceeds from Thin Line® Jewelry Charm Collection are fundamental to the support of Sky’s livelihood, and essential for the support of her disabled daughter, and her team. Her business is her life. And we thank you for helping us protect it. 

Have you witnessed the unlawful manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution of the Thin Line® Charm Collection?
Please reach out to us here or at legal@thinlinejewelry.com
Your anonymity is assured.

The Thin Line® Charm Collection is only available on-line from Thin Line® Jewelry. Reproduction and manufacturing copyrights are solely owned by Thin Line® Jewelry, thus, our products are not licensed to other retailers, not sold in stores, through mail order houses, at fundraisers, or in lodges. If you have received a promotional e-mail for our products, or you see them offline, it is an attempt to unlawfully reproduce and market Thin Line® Jewelry copyrighted products. For authentic Thin Line® Jewelry, find us on Etsy, Ebay, or, at Thin Line Jewelry dot com. We are no longer using the Amazon platform due to excessively high seller fees.

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment.

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